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Finance calculator - let your potential customers simulate your finance product

The best way to calculate loans, mortgages, insurance or any other financial service.

Simply open Calculoid wizard and create your own calculator in few minutes! Plus explore over 4000 public calculators, which you can copy, customize and embed.


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Calculoid Finance Calculator



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Basic finance calculator can be built for free!


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No code knowledge

Anyone can create and embed Calculoid calculator 


Ikona Plus modra

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Key features to build finance calculator

Calculoid Add Field - ROI Calculator

Easy to use finance calculator builder

You do not have to be a web developer to create your own online calculator in just a few minutes.

  • Sliders and text fields for value input
  • Formula fields for calculations
  • Email fields for sending results and lead generation

Excel-like propositional formulas

In addition to the basic arithmetic calculations, Calculoid allows you to use popular Excel formulas, such as IF, sin, cos, log and others. From basic 1+2 to complex volume discounting, Calculoid has endless capabilities for you finance calculation. 

Calculoid Formula Fields
Calculoid Email - ROI Calculator

Lead generation with finance calculator 

Get it touch with your visitors who used your finance calculator. Allow users to send calculation results to their email to generate new leads for your mailing list. Or even use Calculoid as a full-featured conversion form - it is easy to create and manage!


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