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Finance Calculators

Use any from 250+ finance calculators to let your users calculate loans, mortgages, insurance or any other financial service. Send the results to their emails or let them pay right on-line. 

Explore this Finance Calculator

Calculoid Finance Calculator

Price & Payment Calculators 

Let your website visitors calculate and pay exact price of your services or products. Use Stripe or PayPal payment feature to get paid on-line in advance.  

Explore this Payment Calculator

Calculoid Pricing Calculator

ROI Calculator

Would you like your users to know the core benefit of purchasing or using your product? Provide them with Return on Investment calculator! Let users input their personal metrics and see for themselves your products worth. 

Explore this ROI Calculator

Calculoid ROMI Calculator

Health & Medical Calculators 

Create useful dosage, BMI, calories calculator for any of your products. Let your customers calculate what is the best for them based on any personal properties. Use more than 100 public calcs.

Explore this Health Calculator

Website Heath Calculator

Translations Quote Calculators 

Provide your clients with an instant translation calculation. Let your clients choose the language combination they are looking for and how many words are they looking to get translated. Moreover, insert a Payments field and your clients can pay for your services via Paypal or Stripe.

Explore this Quote Calculator

Website Quote Calculator

BMI Calculator 

Make your fitness blog or supplements website more interactive by adding BMI Calculator. Let users determine their level of fitness, while you generate new leads.

Explore this BMI Calculator

Website BMI Calculator