Here you can find the changelog for previously released versions and also the roadmap for upcoming ones. Releasing the new version or bug fix does not affect the functionality of your calculators.


Calculoid 2019.2.4.1 Bugfix (2020-01-28)

 Field condition fix for Multi-page calculators
 Stripe secret key status fix
 Sending email setting fix
 Membership expiration safe period

Calculoid 2019.2.4.0 Minor version (2020-01-22)

 Fasted loading of embedded calculators
 Server site calculators caching
 Backend code structure maintenance
 Optimizing the performance of a database
 Displaying paid fields in the application for unlogged users

Calculoid 2019.2.3.10 Bugfix (2020-01-13)

 Result [BETA] - new module for submission
 Formula font color fix
 Field condition for deleted fields fix

Calculoid 2019.2.3.9 Bugfix (2019-12-18)

 Secure params in integration setting
 Number format for Slider field

Calculoid 2019.2.3.8 Bugfix (2019-11-20)

 Upload image in HTML field and Email template
 Increasing number of CSV table per calculator to 30 
 Calculator style optimization for custom CSS style, removing "!important"

Calculoid 2019.2.3.7 Bugfix (2019-11-11)

 Calculator preview on mobile fix
 Radio box circle color setting
 Faster condition fields displaying
 Redirect after submission fix if the calculator is embedded via iframe

Calculoid 2019.2.3.6 Bugfix (2019-10-16)

 Google Analytics integration fix
 Empty notification fix
 Faster views counting

Calculoid 2019.2.3.5 Bugfix (2019-10-01)

 Date field is part of paid fields from Lead Generation plan

Calculoid 2019.2.3.4 Bugfix (2019-09-25)

 Calculator error fix for unsigned users
 Signature link fix
 Go to page field default color fix
 Link target for checkbox in the billing information
 Button padding setting

Calculoid 2019.2.3.3 Bugfix (2019-09-18)

 Submissions CSV export fix 
 Radiobox circle color setting
 Pricing in user profile debug
 Billing information prefilling from URL

Calculoid 2019.2.3.2 Bugfix (2019-09-12)

Calculoid 2019.2.3.1 Bugfix (2019-09-06)

 Go to page field design debug
 Country prefiling in payment field fix
 Onboarding process debug
 Onboarding video for calculators from templates

Calculoid 2019.2.3.0 Minor version (2019-09-04)

 Calculator pagination
 Go to page field
 Sign up process optimization
 Billing information in a user profile

Calculoid 2019.2.2.2 Bugfix (2019-08-14)

 Date field debug
 Slider field debug
 Embed loader
 Sign up secret token fix
 Reset password secret token fix

Calculoid 2019.2.2.0 Minor version (2019-08-01)

 Calculator width setting
 Mobile editor
 Views limit optimization
 Plan updating in a user profile

Vote for features   Calculoid 2019.2.4.0 Bugfix (2020-01-22) +  Fasted loading of embedded calculators +  Server site calculators caching +  Backend code maintenance

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