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    Calculoid provides a complete set of features for online calculations, payments and lead generation.  
    Let your visitors make calculations, receive quotes to their email and pay for their order.   

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Interactive calculations for your web visitors 

The final product of Calculoid is an interactive calculator, which can be easily embedded into your website. Features such as online payments or emails submissions will enhance your e-commerce and lead generation capabilities.

Calculoid Calculator

Easy to use calculator builder

You do not have to be a web developer to create your own online calculator in just a few minutes. Drag & drop various fields such as sliders, selects, checkboxes and others - all of this in an intuitive to use builder, with instant view of your calculator.

Calculoid Add Field

Online in a few clicks

Embed your calculator to any website or online application by just pasting a short code, live in a matter of seconds!

Calculoid Embed

Excel-like propositional formulas

In addition to the basic arithmetic calculations, Calculoid allows you to use popular Excel formulas, such as IF, sin, cos, log and others. From basic 1+2 to complex volume discounting, Calculoid has endless capabilities. 

Calculoid Formula

Online payments 

Connect calculator to your Stripe or PayPal account and get paid online. Streamline your sales process with self-service pricing calculators and online payments. 

Calculoid Payment field

Lead generation 

Get it touch with your visitors who used your calculator. Allow users to send calculation results to their email to generate new leads for your mailing list. Or even use Calculoid as a a full-featured conversion form - it is easy to create and manage!

Calculoid Send Results Field

Easy integration

Calculators can be embedded anywhere online and easily connected with your information system using REST API webhooks. 

Calculoid Integration