Redmine integration

Calculoid can create a Redmine issue from submitted or paid data now.

It was possible to do it with general webhooks, but now there is no programming required. Just configuration.

Redmine is open source project management system. We use it internally to manage our projects including Calculoid.

There is new Integrations tab in the calculator toolbar where all new integrations will be added. To create a Redmine issue, you have to configure:

  • Redmine URL
  • API key
  • Subject
  • Description
  • Project ID
  • Tracker ID
  • and few other options

It depends which options are required for your project. All calculator variables can be used as a value in each option of Redmine configuration so you can build the issue with the submitted data. And of course, you can see the responses in the Webhook log so you can easily debug if something goes wrong. Or you can confirm that the integration is sending what it is suppose to send.

Would you find integration with another system useful? Let us know!

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