Web calculator integrated with Google Analytics for better lead tracking

One of the new features of Calculoid 2019 is the possibility for integrating your web calculator with Google Analytics and, therefore, improving lead tracking and monitoring of payments made on your web calculators.

Why integrate a web calculator with Google Analytics

If you are already a Calculoid user, you probably know that some types of fields (namely Send Results and Payments) use e-mail templates for sending messages to an e-mail address provided by a user. Such a message is sent every time the user of the calculator either wants to send the calculation result to his mailbox or wants to make a payment using the web calculator.

With Mautic integration, you can already gather e-mail addresses provided by users of your calculators easily. This helps you better target your marketing campaigns to the people who might be interested. And that is just the beginning.

Earlier, there was not a possibility to effectively monitor users' actions on web calculators in time or even real time. Luckily, the time has come. With Google Analytics integration, you can get detailed overviews of activities like sending results or making payments, including their distribution by time, type of calculators, used fields and users.

The data created by an activity on those Calculoid fields appears in Google Analytics as events including all attributes defined in the calculator's configuration.

Integration with Google Analytics -

Integration with Google Analytics -

Who can benefit from integration with Google Analytics

Integration with Google Analytics is crucial for all businesses in need of improving their lead tracking and monitoring of payments made on their web calculators. This is basically what defines the target group of such an integration = any kind of business using Calculoid for e-commerce and/or marketing purposes.

Calculoid is a No.1 solution for developers, system integrators, software vendors, banks and media for the embedded real-time calculations. Create interactive web content to engage users, generate leads, accept online payments with Calculoid. Calculoid is the easiest online payment tool for your website.

The learn more about Google Analytics integration, please read the user documentation.

Integration with Google Analytics -

Integration with Google Analytics -


Author: Lukáš Beňa


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