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Learn how to use web calculators for more leads. Find out more about Calculoid and what it got to offer.

If you want to have a professional calculator on your website, enjoy this new series of Calculoid Webinars coming up in the next few weeks! Click on the webinar name to get redirected to the registration form.

Are you a health professional - a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a fitness professional, etc.? Learn how to create a health calculator and how your business can benefit from it. Or you need to provide quotes to your customers? Just create a quote calculator and share quotes with your customers who can even purchase your services straight away!

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The possibilities are truly unlimited. After adding a calculator to your site, you can customize color & text to match your corporate design. Choose the fields you want your visitors to enter their information in. The calculators will also look great on mobile. Please see the most popular calculator templates created by our users' community. Then, if you want, add any of them to your website in a few clicks.

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