Web calculator with online payments. Easy now!

Anybody can accept online payments nowadays. With Calculoid E-commerce plan, you can make your users pay for what they calculate in the Calculator. On-line payments have never been easier to accept.

Activate your payments

This is a solution that expands your online sales and improves your cash-flow. In Calculoid you can easily create and price & payment calculator for your products or services. And embed such a calculator anywhere on the web. Have a look at some embedded price & payment calculators here: (the version on Calculoid: (the version on Calculoid:

redmine e-commerce solution

Calculoid offers Paypal and Stripe (Visa, Mastercard) payment gateways. As your users calculate a price and submit a payment, they are redirected to the payment gateway and order is saved in your Redmine - again in the desired project, with a tracker, status, priority, assignee or any custom fields.

So using Calculoid you can have easy to use E-commerce solution that can be integrated into your CRM or Invoicing system using REST API. Enjoy the Power of Open Source!

Activate your payments

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