Redmine E-commerce and Lead generation solution

Redmine is a great Open Source Project Management solution with extensions for sales, support and agile. With Calculoid Redmine gets new dimensions, since Calculouid has competed Redmine integration. Any submissions from calculators can be easily saved in your Redmine. Let's have a look.

Redmine Lead Generation Solution

Maybe you manage your sales in Redmine already, maybe not. In both cases, Calculoid can provide you a great source of your leads. With Calculoid you can easily create a lead generation calculator (for example like this one where users submit their emails or phone numbers.

And these submissions can be saved in your Redmine - in specific CRM project, with a specific tracker, and with all available custom fields. This integration is done using Calculoid webhooks and your Redmine API.

redmine lead generation solution


The best point here is that such a lead generation form (calculator) can be easily embedded in any web (HTML) application. So if you want to expand your lead generation, you can just copy paste a shortcode into your website or even public Redmine page and the job is done. No need for coding or any special integration.

Redmine E-commerce Solution

This is a solution that expands your online sales and improves your cash-flow. All managed right in your Redmine. In Calculoid you can easily create and price & payment calculator for your products or services. And embed such a calculator anywhere on the web. Have a look at some embedded price & payment calculators here: (version on Calculoid: (version on Calculoid:

redmine e-commerce solution

Calculoid offers Paypal and Stripe (Visa, Mastercard) payment gateways. As your users calculate a price and submit a payment, they are redirected to the payment gateway and order is saved in your Redmine - again in the desired project, with a tracker, status, priority, assignee or any custom fields.

So using Calculoid you can have easy to use & integrate E-commerce and Lead generation Redmine solution. Enjoy the Power of Open Source!

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