On the fly business calculations with Calculoid

Imagine that embedded Calculoid calculator loads variable's value from HTML of a site where embedded and provides on the fly calculations above site's data. It is the reality now!

Business calculations above Easy Redmine data

roi web calculator by calculoidWe have basic ROI calculator here:

It has 4 variables as inputs: Adwords Costs, Personal Costs, Other Expenses and Net Income. 

And it calculates 3 basic business indicators: Operation profit, Net Margin and Marketing ROI where formulas for each are: 

Operation Profit = Net Income - (Adwords + Personal +Other Expenses)
Net Margin = (Operation Profit / Net Income) * 100 
Marketing ROI = Net Income / Adwords Costs 

We are going to embed this calculator into a dashboard of online project management application Easy Redmine. As you can see above this dashboard renders our 4 variables from its database. The dashboard is classical HTML page so our embed is very easy - we just use the standard embed code.

The magic is that as a site renders, Calculoid loads data from the site into its own variables and provides on-the-fly calculations above them

business web calculator for embed


This fetch of statically loaded HTML data is done by simple javascript which goes with embed script itself. JS looks as below and its download is here.

calculoid variables connections javascript

All you need to do in order to create your own custom connection JS is to inspect a site above which you are going to make similar on the fly calculations for as precise HTML element IDs of your variables as possible.

calculoid variables connections elements inspect

And afterward, connect data of these HTML elements to unique variables of your calculator. 

calculator formulas ids

 As a result, Calculoid Calculator provides real-time business calculations above any HTML data. 

online business calculations

Enjoy and stay tunned!

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