How to pre-fill field values

Our embedded calculators can now pre-fill field values form the URL query parameters. It can improve the user experience.

One example use case from all. Imagine you send a newsletter with a link to your calculator and each lead will have his/hers email field pre-filled. Then it takes just one click to pay. No typing required.


Let's start with a demo first this time. Here is an embedded calculator:

If I'd like to change some values for some user(s), I can send them to a URL with query params like this:

This link will open this blog post in a new browser tab. Compare the two calculators and its values.

How to configure the URL query params

If we take the demo example URL from above, we can take closer look to the parts: is the URL of this blog post. Whatever is after the question mark is the URL query. is the URL query. I can write almost anything I want after the question mark and I still get to this blog post. is the field ID (F25490) of the Payment Field and it equals the value ( In case of this example the the et-sign (@) is URL-encoded as %40. If you want to add more field URL parameters, separate parameter_name=parameter_value with &

The field IDs are visible in the edit mode.
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