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We've received an email a few hours ago from a translator who wanted to let his customers calculate the price based on a text word count. What an excellent idea, isn't it?

The text area couldn't be used in a formula till now. Well, it can be used in the formula and will represent the word count of the text in it.

Hi, I want to create a calculator for my online translation service. Therefore I need a textarea where the words are counted and the price for translationservice can be calculated. is it possible to count the words of a textfield and use this in the formula editor? would be great if it is possilbe with your great tool.

Thank you very much Best,


Dear Siegfried, it's possible now. Here is the example calculator:

If you'd want to use this calculator as a starting point and copy this calculator at

The word count feature is turned off by default so we don't break backward compatibility for the existing calculators. Turn it on in the Textarea Field configuration if you want to use it on an existing textarea field.

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