Calculoid Roadmap - what features have users request

After voting for missing features in Calculoid we would like to share what have users request. Let's have a look closer to the most wanted features in Calculoid roadmap.


Those features are in the Calculoid feature request list on top and will be developed first with high priority to bring you a better experience with a web calculator.

1. New field "Submit button"

Allow users to submit the calculator data and start the integration.

2. New field "Export to PDF file"

Allow users to export calculated results into a PDF file.

3. New field "Upload file"

Allow users to upload files into the calculator.

4. Advanced statistics

Calculator submissions visualized in graphs & charts.

5. Multi-language calculators

Language switching of the full calculator.

6. More payment options

New payment gate Google Pay and Apple Pay in the payment field.

7. API calls into the calculator

Simple load data from external API such as google maps while the calculator is loading

8. A-B testing

a-b testing for conversions maximization of embedded calculators


If you missed voting for features you can still give us a vote or recommend feature you would like to wish in this Calculoid roadmap.


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