Recurrent payments via PayPal or credit card now integrated into Calculoid

Calculoid stands for a convenient, fast and secure way to take recurrent payments for services (or other purposes) regardless of their frequency or amount.

What are recurrent payments in Calculoid?

With payment recurrence enabled in Calculoid, your customers can forget about making regular payment orders until they need to stop them before further repetitions. Based on the payer's consent (typically customer), the payments will be processed and repeated automatically from his PayPal account or credit card for the amount and on dates stated in Payments field of Calculoid. The credit card payment processing is made via Stripe integration, thus requiring the payment beneficiary to have a Stripe account. The whole payment process including its optional recurrence can be as simple as that.

Payments field -

Payments field -

Recurrent payments are all about benefits

Both payments and recurrent payments in Calculoid are really not difficult to configure by a calculator owner (typically payment beneficiary). However, they bring quite a few benefits to calculator users (payers, customers) just as well. Check out some examples as follows:

  • Time-saving – No need for customers to waste time finding their bills to pay and ordering each single transfer separately.
  • Convenience – No need for customers to remember about payment dates or waste time by entering payment details again and again. They just initiate the first transfer and the next ones will follow automatically until they decide to stop them.
  • Transaction punctuality – Stay assured that the payment will be delivered on time, without the risk of delay and being charged late payment interest.
  • No additional fees – Neither activation nor execution/repetition of a transfer is charged by any kind of fee from Only payment system providers (such as PayPal, Stripe or credit card issuer) may charge some usual fees according to their pricelists.
  • Full control and access to information – With Calculoid, you remain with access to information about spendings made. The overview is available under Details > Submissions menu of the calculator with the payment field.
  • Security – Calculoid will execute only those transactions, which you have agreed to while setting up the payment method. In case of doubts about payment, you can claim it back from your payment system provider (PayPal, Stripe, credit card issuer) as per his standard business terms. Calculoid is only an intermediary in the payment process, thus incompetent to refund money.

Payments field -

Payments field -

Integrated calculator with integrated payments

If you have your calculator integrated with an external system (such as Mautic, Redmine or others), a realized payment can be configured so as to automatically create a new task or CRM case in the system. And this can be done either for the first payment from one payer only or for each payment repetition as well, depending on your payments field configuration.

Moreover, special variables in context of payment recurrence are also available. These can be used with e-mail templates or other entities with variables applicable.

Payments variables -

Payments variables -

To learn more about recurrent payments in Calculoid, check out the user documentation (Available types of fields > PAYMENTS > Payment recurrence).


Author: Lukáš Beňa


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