Calculoid 2019 coming soon!

Calculoid 2019 brings you a new calculators design and features to help you to better interact with customers, generate leads and take payments online.

What is new in Calculoid 2019?

Web calculator templates to help you to start

With improved onboarding, you can create a calculator from the templates and modify it as you need. Just choose from pricing, ROI, saving, medical, online store template or start from scratch with a blank calculator.

01 Templates new

Calculators design with a modern look

With more options to choose from, you make your calculators stand out. Thanks to global design setting you can define a color scheme, calculator background, shadows, texts alignment and font size with our predefined design, or use advanced design to set up your own calculator look.

02 Calculoid 2019 new design


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Calculator preview and link share

Use a preview to see what will your calculator look like on different devices and easily publish it on your website or share the preview link to your friends or colleagues.

03 Calculoid 2019 preview


Pie chart field

Improve your calculator with a graphic presentation of the statistics and results. Use the Pie chart to show multiple values in slices to illustrate numerical proportion.

04 Calculoid 2019 new pie chart field


Zapier integration

Connect your calculators with more than 1000 applications thanks to Zapier platform. Integrate generated leads to CRM or marketing applications and online payments to finance systems.

Blank Diagram

Full-featured trial

With the 14 days Free Trial you can use all Calculoid features including Send Result field for lead generation and take online payments with PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex. After your trial expires, you can continue with a free plan or one of our paid subscriptions. All already existed Free account will be switched to Free Trial.


Calculoid 2019 upgrade

Calculoid 2019 will be launched in a few weeks. Your account remains on Calculoid and all your calculators will be preserved in the old design, but you can switch to the new design in your administration.

If you do not have Calculoid account yet sign up now to get ready for the new Calculoid 2019! If you do, keep calm, your account will be upgraded automatically.


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Author: Jan Pavera


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