Web calculator with conditional fields

Logical conditions might easily become the most important part of web calculators in general. See what Calculoid can do in this regard.

In Calculoid, setting up logical conditions is used to show/hide specific fields of a calculator. When conditions for a specific field come true, the field is shown (white field), otherwise, it's hidden (gray field). Such a behavior is practical when some fields in a calculator are only relevant when specific numerical values are entered into some other fields (such as a slider, gauge, formula...), i.e. the data input is only required under specific conditions but not otherwise.

A use case example of such a condition is when a user is asked to select his age on a slider, and if the value is too low (such as below 18 years), then he might be asked about his height as well. Then, if the height value is also too low (such as under 150 cm), he must enter additional information about his legal representative in the last field (such as his name and age). For older and/or higher users, information about legal representative would not be required at all. Logical conditions can be configured for literally any other kind of use case just as straightforwardly.

Web calculator with conditional fields

Web calculator with conditional fields

How to configure logical condition(s) in Calculoid

Sign in to your Calculoid and open one of your calculators and choose fields for which you need to add a condition(s). Then click on the selected field's edit button (top right corner) and navigate to "Condition" in the left menu. Here you just need to click "Add new condition". Now define what condition must come true in order to make this particular field available in the calculator. In our example, only "My age" slider is available by default. The second field "My height" only becomes available when the age is below 18. The last text field is only available when "My age" is under 18 years and "My height" is under 150 cm at the same time, otherwise it remains unavailable.

Web calculator with conditional fields

For each condition being configured, field, operator, and value need to be entered. In "Field", select a field this condition relates to (such as "My age"). "Value" must be numerical amount only (not words or such). Moreover, you can directly refer to the value of some other field just by entering the number of the field. Finally, the "Operator" represents a relation between the field and the value (equal to, not equal to, greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to), which might result in true or false status. You might have one or more conditions in a single set as well as one or more sets in total. Everything might be linked by "AND" or "OR" relations, thus allowing you to create even pretty sophisticated combinations of logical conditions when needed.

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Author: Lukáš Beňa


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