Features for web calculators and pricing pages

Calculator's Builder

This web application at enables you to create any custom calculator and embed it into your website. It has powerful drag&drop editor of calculators based on cutting edge technology. The editor was designed to be as easy to use as possible - nice interactive calculator can be built within couple of minutes.

Web calculators builder - Calculoid

Calculators available fields

We have implemented various fields such as basic text field, radio button, checkbox, and more advanced like slider or gauge.

Fields available for web calculators

Embed of Calculator into your Website

There are two ways how to present a calculator to your visitors. You can simply add a link to calculator at or easily embed it to your website. Embed code is below every calculator. You just need to copy it and insert it into your HTML code of your web page where you want it to appear.

Embed feature of web calculators

For your convenience, there are ready to use embed modules for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

From the technological point of view, Calculoid's embed is not iframe. It is JavaScript application which insert HTML code of the calculator directly to your webiste so it is part of it. Everything is loaded asynchronously, so it will not slow down loading time much. JavaScript file has just 45 kB.


When you drop Payment field to your calculator, users will be able to pay the amount they calculate using PayPal and newly STRIPE. You can see all orders and payments at calculator's administration. Payment statuses updates automatically, so you see in real time who paid what.

Stripe payments in web calculator  PayPal payments in web calculator

Pricing page like web calculator payment

Forget difficult shoping carts. Calculoid is the simplest e-commerce solution for your customer and for you. Visitors simply calculate price of your products or services and pay on-line.

Sending results - data collection

When you drop Email field to your calculator, users will be able to send results which they have calculated to their email address. The results are saved and calculator's owner can access them at calculator's administration.

Web calculator sending results

Calculator style (CSS)

The CSS of calculators is based on Twitter's Bootstrap CSS framework which is the most popular these days. If your website use Bootstrap framework, you get the best look with embedded calculator. If you do not use Bootstrap, calculator should look like part of your website as well.

Web calculator in action

Great thing is that you can style it yourself with your local CSS style so it looks exactly as you want.

Formula editor

The heart of any calculator is formula. Calculoid isn't different. We are aware that creating such a formula is difficult task. Therefor we created an editor where you just push buttons and the formula writes itself.

Example formula can look like this:

F55 * sin(F56) / (F58 ^ 2)

Formula definition in web calculator

The elements starting with an F like F55 are variables of Field values. Calculoid translates them with real numbers which a user inserts during calculation. As mentioned earlier, you just push the buttons and Calculoid inserts those.

Reuse of any existing calculator

Any logged in person can copy any existing calculator and modify it for his/her own needs. Just one click away.

Read more about fields at documentation