FAQ about

What is a public calc?

A public calculator is listed at, so anyone can use it, copy it and embed it. But only it's author can edit it and see it's statistics, saved results and payments.

What is a private calc?

A private calculator can be used and embedded only by it's author. Other users does not see it, other users can't copy it.

How do you count views?

View count is raised every time a calculator is loaded. You can see statistics of every calculator you own. You see from which domains was calculator loaded and how often. Important is that view limit is not per calculator, but per domain. So you don't have to worry about anyone else stealing your views. You can also use one calculator at different domains.

What happen when I run out of views?

We don't send you an invoice to raise your Calculoid plan, don't worry. Well, unless you ask us to do so. When you run out of views with embedded calculator at your website, following message will appear instead of the calculator:

Maximal limit of views for this calculator had been overcome for {your domain}. It is still possible to use the calculator at {link to the calculator at}.

So your visitors will still be able to use the calculator at

How does sending results work?

At calculator editor, there is special field type called "Send Result". When you drag it into your calculator, users of your calculator will be able to enter an email address and send counted result with values of all other fields to this address.

Results which are sent like this, are also saved and you can see them. So you get useful information about people who use the calculator, what do they calculate and what the results are.

How payments work?

There is special field called "Payments". When you use this field at your calculator, people will be able to calculate some result and then pay this calculated amount to your PayPal account. Exactly as you can pay for Calculoid itself.

You can find overview of all payments at calculator's submission list. Payment statuses are updated automatically.

What is this signature?

Signature "Powered by" is below every embedded calculator unless you switch it off at calculator's configuration.