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More interactivity and conversions for your website!

Website visitors need quick and accurate answers and that is why calculoid is here. Calculoid provides users easy calculations thus gives them answers worthy of thousand words. And that will be your competitive advantage! 

More interactivity

Embeded calculators are easy to use and interactive. Users get engaged through it and also get valuable answers. Interactivity is a key to more conversions...

More Conversions

Calculators collect users' data while being used. These are great conversions for you. Using calculoid you can also create awsome pricing page with on-line payments. Are you ready for more conversions?

No limits

Embedded calculators catch look & feel of your site and also are 100% responsive thus available everywhere... 

Easy to use and 100% Free!

Any website or web application can be more interactive thanks to Calculoid now. Embed of professional calculator that gives visualised and accurate answers is just a few clicks away...

3 easy steps

Log-in or register. Sign in with your Google account without entering any information. Or use simple Calculoid sign in.

Create a new calc or modify one. To create a calculator from scratch takes only few minutes. But there is even faster way. Find a calculator similar to what you need and click the Copy button.

Embed it into your website. It is very simple to insert a calculator to your website. You can use prepared embed code or one of prepared plugins to your CMS.


Calculators in action*

It is all about interactivity for users which should result in higher conversions or better user experience. One easy calculator can substitute tons of text and serve tousands of different user stories. Get inspired how to benefit from it as well!

How to create calculator - ROI calculatorHow to create calculator - comparison calculator (that convert users)How to create calculator - budget estimator

* All presented calculators are open for your re-use

Any website or 
application can calculate now!

Modules for Word Press, Joomla!, Drupal are ready to use. And more integrations are comming. Calculoid is going to have full Redmine API integration in near future. 

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What users say about Calculoid

We are happy that users all over the world find Calculoid useful. Here are some of them:

Ondrej testifies for web calculator build using
We use Calculoid to show users value of our product. They can easily calculate savings and since they do it themselves, they trust it. 
Peter, Prague - Czech
Nadine testifies for pricing page build using
It is easy to use e-commerce tool. Congratulations for good service! We are happy with it and look forward to more payment options.
Nadine, Dusseldorf - Germany
Tomasz Dziuda
My job is to create successfull websites and I use calculoid for interactive conversion modules. I love calculator designer and embed feature
Dave, Sydney

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