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The best features for real-time business calculations

Web calculator with Math functions

All math functions

Calculate anything like in Excel Spreadsheet. Easily, online and in real-time.

Web calculator with Custom design

Custom design

Design and brand your calculators easily so it looks like a native part of your app, software or website.

Web calculator with Secured data

100% Ownership

Get all-in-one solution for your own server or in private cloud. 

Web calculator for All platforms

All platforms

Calculators can be embedded in any web applications. Easily and with no effort.

100% mobile web calculator

100% mobile

All Calculoid calculators are 100% mobile and touch-friendly. 

The calculation platform for all your business needs

Get Calculoid as a platform to boost your products or services with embedded real-time calculations. 

  • Complete Calculoid Application
  • Public or Private Cloud
  • Own Server Solutions 
  • Open Source for possible customizations
  • Easy integrations with REST API & webhooks
  • Zapier integration with 1000+ apps
Calculoid Functions Interactive calculator preview

On the fly business calculations 

Embedded Caluloid calculator can read data from the web application where is embedded and provide any real-time business calculations over it. Embed business calculations into your online products or services. It has never been easier.

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Calculoid Functions Publishing preview

Interactive Media & Banking 

Make your online media or bank website full of interactive calculators. Calculate anything from finance, health, saving, taxes, loans or mortgages. Interaction increases users engagement, boosts lead generation and e-commerce. 

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Calculoid Functions Lead generator preview

Complete Payment Solution

Calculoid offers a complete payment solution for any online & mobile business. Embed pricing and payment right into your web application or software. The proximity of payment solution increases e-commerce revenues.

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Calculoid Functions Online payments preview

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Full & Easy Integration 

Calculoid has complete REST API with webhooks which makes integration with any up-to-date software or web application piece of cake. Moreover, it has 1000+ ready to use integrations using Zapier. Integrate calculations data, leads or online payments easily. 

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Calculoid Functions Integrations preview

Web calculators templates

Calculate anything. Choose a template or start from scratch.
Boost your website interactivity, generate leads, accept payments.

E-commerce template


Online payments included

Pricing Calculator

Calculate prices for products or services in real time and get paid online.

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ROI Calculator

Calculate ROI of your products and services and collect customers leads. 

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Load & Debt Calculator

Any finance related calculations for your users - insurance, loans, debts.

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Costs Calculator

Calculate the costs of projects or services online & easily.

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Saving Calculator

Calculate any saving for your customers and send email to collect the leads.

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Online payments included

Online Store

Create a simple online store, calculate the final price and get paid online.

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Calculoid special plugins and integrations

What users say about Calculoid on Capterra?

  • Overall Rating
    Ease of Use
    Customer Service

    A great tool for interactive website features

    Overall: I've used Calcluloid for over a year now and am overall quite happy with it. Users on our site like the interactive functionality, and I like that I can customize the look locally with CSS (great for mobile responsiveness). Good tool - a little pricey, but mostly worth it.
    Pros: You can use custom formulas, customization with CSS, customer support is quick and helpful
    Cons: The platform is a little bulkier, but seems to be getting better. I don't like their payment platform, but the tool itself works quite well

    Alexander M
    Online Marketing Manager , Consumer Goods, 1-10 employees
  • Overall Rating
    Ease of Use
    Customer Service

    Good product

    Pros: Ease of installation, free trial to figure out if it's working for us or not, ability to design and customize.
    Cons: It takes some time to load on our web page, not sure if the problem is with our website or the calculator.

    Alex K.
    Marketing Coordinator , Warehousing, 11-50 employees
  • Overall Rating
    Ease of Use
    Customer Service

    Integrating Calculoid in website

    Overall: Calculoid is a good software that follows your requirements and useful if to integrate in any type of website or online platforms.
    Pros: Calculoid was an easy configured software to your needs. The integration with our website as per embedded codes given was easily implemented. It was useful for my website.
    Cons: I make use of the free capability that calculoid allowed but unfortunately those features were no longer available. We have to make a purchase in order to use it.

    Muhd F.
    IT Officer , Non-Profit Organization Management, 11-50 employees
  • Overall Rating
    Ease of Use
    Customer Service

    It's a very useful and interesting product if used with easy project

    Overall: I chose to ask for services. Everything was fine except that I wanted to use it in an integrated workflow with Easy project.
    Pros: Very easy to use. The calculation tools are simple and user-friendly.
    Cons: The administration with Easy project remains complex but it's a matter of mastering.

    Thierry Z.
    Director , Management Consulting, Self-employed
Calculoid on Capterra overall 4.5/5 (4 reviews)

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